Transfer 8P

Technical specifications

What can you do with a TRANSFER 8P?

The TRANSFER 8P end forming machine allows up to 8 operations, also loading pre-cut tubes.


The TRANSFER 8P has been designed for end forming works without chip removal, for high productivity cycles.

It is equipped with 8 rotating clamps and is able to perform till 6 end forming operations in sequence. The tools and clamp are equipped with a fast connection coupling, which allows machine set-up in a short time.

Which operations can you perform with a Transfer 8P?

Up to 6 end forming operations can be performed on the tube without chips removal

  • Deformation
  • Cutting
  • Rolling
  • Threading

It is possible to apply loading units, but also to load parts such as flange, sockets, shells, inserts and similar.

Application examples