Targeted programmes and courses

The world of tube forming falls within the sphere of complex mechanical processing.

Aware of this fact, over the years we have trained our customers’ technicians to acquire the necessary know-how to operate Grazioli machines independently.

The productivity of our customers is the ultimate goal of every project, but we like to think that, intrinsically, there are also goals to develop the personnel dedicated to forming and to enable them to work in total safety.

From 2022 we will be running specific courses for anyone who wants to learn more about tube deformation. After a theoretical and technical explanation of the basic principles of tube deformation, our technicians will demonstrate live the operation of Grazioli machines, in an interactive course from which to gain technical knowledge and professional experience.

Space for young people: apprenticeships

Already in past years, and even more so in the future, Grazioli will strive to be a venue for apprenticeships as part of the school-to-work scheme for local high schools. Certainly, at the technical-mechanical level and also in the clerical field for the training of young commercial employees.

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