For our company, the post-sale assistance is an important part of the job. In fact, we have innovated the way you can contact us . We are available by phone, on site and from today also with the new “Acty-app, a remote service in in augmented reality.

assistenza grazioli group


assistenza grazioli group

Remote assistance

assistenza grazioli group

On site assistance

Our assinstence

Grazioli machines are already equipped with a remote assistance service for simple problems solving. Starting from this year, the “Acty app” has been implemented expanding the assistance service to 360°, allowing to see our machinery in reality, wherever it’s positioned and whatever language it speaks.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet that allows our experts’ team to diagnose and interact directly. Thanks to this new application, in addition to having an immediate feedback, we aim to reduce maintenance period and on site interventions.

Remote assistance

In the last few years we have seen a progressive global industrial digitalization, and the growing number of informatical solutions is very helpful during this covid-19 emergency.

In the industrial field the a.r. opens new applications spaces, allowing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, permitting to solve sudden failures and doing tests and installations. It is also possible, to use this portal to show new machineries highlighting their value, quality and features.

The augmented reality grants a shorter period of downtime reducing operating costs and maintenance. Using smart softwares, the a.r. allows technical assistance from operators based miles away: smartphone, tablet and smart glasses are for costumer to recive guided assistance from our specialized technicians.

The application possibilities are endless, ranging from automotive, to manufacturing, to operations.

The new concept of digitalization and connections of all machieries in a productions plant, is strictly connected with the a.r, and it is the base of new trend of industrial automations.

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